Avatar not responding accurately

I am set up on a Tacx Bushido, I have been fiddling with it for a good 5 hours over the last week. I believe I have it calibrated fairly well, albeit the calibration app does point towards the ‘too tight’ end of the spectrum (If I loosen it much more it won’t be on the roller). Anyone else have that issue with Tacx’s calibration?

I seem to be able to use Tacx’s software for their training workouts, however I can’t get my Zwift avatar to reflect my actual output. I am set up on a newer Ipad, when I start peddling the wattage is limited to 45 watts and the avatar has a high cadence (without really going anywhere), despite being in the highest gear and peddling hard. I haven’t had any problems pairing zwift with the Bushido (power source). Zwift started to work fine the first time I used it however after 1-2km the avatar just stopped at the side of the road despite nothing materially changing. Any suggestions?