Avatar flickering *STILL* an intrusive, annoying, unsolved issue

Same story as the many, many, other users who’ve been complaining about this avatar flickering issue for years. Obviously Zwift is shameless enough to not care about addressing this but I thought I’d add my voice to the many. Constant flickering of all avatars either in large groups or just by myself ruins the game experience.

Fully updated Win11, latest Zwift launcher (1.1.4), latest game update 1.27.0(101324) latest Nvidia drivers (516.59), RTX3060, 16G RAM, Ryzen 7 6800H. Have Nvidia settings set to application controlled across the board, except V-sync which is on. Zero overclocking or system tweaking of any kind. absolutely no reason why this system shouldn’t run Zwift flawlessly, like it does all other software other than Zwift.

This, and the myriad other bugs and failings that just go ignored for years, is why I’ve steered three new smart trainer owner friends away from Zwift.

Run OBS. See my previous post on how.

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Out of curiosity what did you steer them towards?