Automatic category override not always working


It seems that the automatic race category override in ZwiftPower results does not always catch the people enrolling in a lower category than their ZwiftPower category. I am currently racing in cat C as per my ZP category and found several B riders enrolling in cat C in the Wyn AeroArmy TT series. Sometimes those riders get a category upgrade in ZwiftPower, sometimes not. And I am talking about the same rider here (upgraded twice, not upgraded once) and there have been no changes in his race category ranking inbetween the races.

Are there other metrics other than the minimum race category that trigger the automatic category override in ZwiftPower?

My understanding is that it is either your ZP Cat, and if the race is longer than 20mins, then it will be power as well. I’m not sure what what metrics can be applied however. Can you point to the an example rider?

I checked your last race and everyone in Cat C is in correct Cat. Looks like 3 Cat B’s got upgraded to B and one person who has no Cat got upgraded to B.

Hi Dean,
thanks for taking a look at this. I agree, the ZP results from the last race in this series are ok. Take a look at the second race of that series and you will find the particular rider… He got upgraded in the last race (and the first race), but not in the second race of the series. Not sure if Zwift allows us to openly call out names since they took over the ZwiftPower forum… :wink:

Good call out - and thats all I need. For the mods that may be watching, we are trying to figure what ZP is doing with auto-cat in these rides, not make accusations of wrong doing.

Yeah I see what you mean - I dont know the answer but it looks strange that the 2nd race only has a couple of entries in the Category w/kg whereas the other races do (under the Unfiltered tab). I also checked other races in the series and they are all “normal”.

Possibly the results need a reset? I would email and using those 3 events and the rider concerned as an example, ask for explanation. He is certainly Cat B and looks that he was prior to the races but that 2nd event he has some data gaps that dont look normal (and fit files are all being used so its not live data issue). It does look like all other races are doing auto-cat correctly (I spot checked about 40 riders in different races that had big numbers).

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I noticed the same issue with at least two other riders in the first race of the series as well. Both enrolled in cat C although they have minimum race cat B and the override did not catch them.

I already emailed support right after the first race and they told me to use the rider report form… which I thought (and still think) is leading in the wrong direction.

Yes, they (quite obviously) signed up in wrong category in the first place (and not for the first time, either), but the missing override is not their fault. And I am in no way questioning their power data, which I was very clear about as well.

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