Auto tension make training close to impossible

Can someone help me. Or explain why lately doing my TP training sessions on Zwift on the Ops(Hammer In door Trainer) the tension is getting so hard that even if I’m standing I battle to get the paddle’s turning. Every time about 15min into a traing set. Thanks

Assuming you have your ftp set correctly?

Is this on different workouts or the same one?

Is erg on or off.

I’m not familiar with that trainer, but that sounds like the classic “ERG mode death spiral” where the trainer is trying to keep a given power level, your cadence drops, dropping the power, so the resistance goes up…

Zwift will normally temporarily stop the workout when you stop.

Or you might have another problem, but if it is the ERG death spiral, just keep your cadence up.

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Good morning ,


FTP is set correctly

On every workout, whether it is easy or hard sessions

Hi Graig

Appreciate, the feedback