Auto steer for Zwift Play

Good idea to add an auto steer option for Zwift Play. A toggle between manual and auto? While steering it makes typing or chatting really hard because you can lose the pack easily out of draft. Having the option to go between the two, would keep the ride/race more social with riders actively engaged with each other.

Agreed - until everyone is using it, it should be something that can be turned on/off

It’s supposed to be that if you don’t steer for a few seconds (was it 15?, 30?, I recall it being stated somewhere), it is supposed to revert to auto-steer.
But it doesn’t seem that “feature” is working for everyone (assuming that is a feature in the first place, or something weird is happening for some subset of users)

I know it doesn’t work for me on my kickrbike that’s for sure.
Some Play users stated they were experiencing it however.

But the ability to disable steering on the fly is absolutely something we MUST have.

Whether it be a UI switch, a hotbar item, or what have you, it’s definitely a required feature that’s needed; needed being a key word here, not wanted… needed.

Because as it stands, the only way to do it is to unpair steering, which means coming to a complete stop, and also means Play users can no longer use the controllers for their other features.

I’d like the same feature but for the opposite reason.

I want the rider to keep a straight-line, instead it’s hugging the line, i.e keeping in the outside or inside and auto steering. I can steer but when I stop it just keeps that distance from the edge around bends.