Audio problems on Apple MacBook Air M2 [March 06,2024] [v. 1.59.0]

A short a while after Zwift starts, sometimes even on the activity selection screen, it makes strange sounds instead of normal sounds environment sounds or the sound of the bike.

I made a short Video with the sound artefacts. Video

The sound artefacts are definitive from zwift as not other application is running and the immediately disappear when Zwift is closed.

Zwift-Version: 1.55
MacOS-Version: 14.2
CPU: AppleSilicon M2 / 24 GB

might just be a corrupt file, try reinstalling Zwift to see if that clears it up.

No, I reinstalled Zwift a few times (deleted the Zwift-Folder in /Library/Application Support”) but that did not fix the problem.
Also it does not seem to be a single audio-file but more in the audio-system as it appears in the menu and in the game where sounds are different.

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I Have the same problem, have u been able to fix yours?

Hi @Matthias_Schonder. This is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for using this space to share your issue with our community. I understand that audio issues definitely ruin your Zwift experience.

There are a few possible causes of this issue. For instance, You could try resetting PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory), which is a type of memory used in some Mac computers that stores key system settings and preferences, such as time and date, volume, and startup disk selection. While the issue is not strictly related to pairing, it could be an issue with your audio settings.

On the other hand, As @Mike_Rowe1 mentioned, there could be a corrupt file. Please try the steps listed on this article.

If the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be delighted to provide you with personalized assistance