Ascending and declining treadmill

Someone knows if is possible to use the treadmill with ascending and declining with automatic set up? Mine is a Bowflex 10 and I not sure if is possible to set up to make this automatically. tks

I think you need to use a third party app like QZ for incline ( @Roberto_Viola is the author and can answer your questions.


hi @Luiz_Silva are you able to change the incline via the bowflex app? If so i can make it auto incline with zwift
Let me know

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I am not sure if I can do it using bowflex app. When i use the bowflex workout it is working to Aclive and declive but for Zwift I can’t set up🫤

for Zwift I can handle it :slight_smile: the important this is that your treadmill is able to change incline by bluetooth. So you need to be sure that in the bowflex app, in manual mode, you are able to change the incline to any inclination grade

Hi Roberto, tks so much for your info. I am sure that my treadmill is able to change inclining and declining because it is work for Bowflex workout. The only misunderstanding from my side is that the Bowflex use the JRNY as software and not specific Bowflex app. My treadmill is Bowflex 10 and i bought this one specific for my training as it is Smart one.
Once again tks so much for your time.

ok perfect! so write me an email or a github ticket and i will make it work! let me know!

Hi Roberto, it is my first time here, so how can i find your email? tks

in the play store page or in the App Store page of the qz app. Let me know.

I don’t know what happen because when i tried to pay. I received this message and I can’t start again or delete the info for my credit card!!!

The zip code you supplied failed validation.

I am worried right now!

what i can do?

paying for zwift? or for qz? you should ask to google or apple

Coffee qz

@Luiz_Silva please send me an email to roberto.viola83 at

i don’t understand what you’re trying to do, qz is available on ios and android on the stores. for pc and mac are downloadable from github. where do you want to install it?