"Arround the World" Badge

Is there a badge for completing the earth circumference distance? (~40.075 km.).
If not, I propose to create it, it could be a good milestone to achieve to those who earned all (or almost) the current badges. I’m still 10.000 km. short, but hoping to achieve it in a year.

It would be good. Sadly not available.

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Great idea…

What about the “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Mission To Mars” badges!!


384,4k km. to the moon! That’s challenging.

Mars sounds to be impossible (56m km.)

Well, Mars at the closest is at 56 million km, and at the furthest (when the planets are across the solar system; behind the sun) is 250 million km. If we say that the distance for the badge is 60 million km, that would take a cyclist at 30 km/hr exactly 1013 years of cycling non-stop. Not even a drink of water.