Armband HRM - experiences…?

I’m considering an armband HRM - like Wahoo Tickr Fit - so not a watch but a true armband.

Please share your experiences with that kind of monitor; stability, accuracy and models.

I use one, cheap one off EBay and its every bit as accurate as both my Garmin chest based hrm and my Garmin Fenix 6 watch.

It also doesn’t need wetting to achieve an accurate signal.

Much cheaper than the branded ones too.

I use a Wahoo Tickr fit. Works, no problems.

I love my tickr fit, it’s the first hrm I’ve had that really works.

It did completely crash my connections when it went flat once mid-workout.

bad tanlines

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wahoo tickr fit also works perfectly well on upper arm under where a normal jersey sleeve covers

yes I put it round my puny upper bicep.

Regardless of which strap you get - pay attention to the specs and whether it broadcasts data over Bluetooth LE, ANT+, or both. For Zwifting purposes the ones that broadcast over both BLE and ANT are the best bet.

HRM’s that broadcast over ANT+ only (mainly older Garmin units because Garmin invented the ANT protocol) will not be seen by Windows, macOS laptops unless you add a USB dongle
to them. iOS and Apple TV devices do not support ANT at all, so you’re gonna need an HRM that broadcasts over Bluetooth if you’re using an iPad / iPhone / AppleTV.

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It also works if you wear it on your wrist like a watch, maybe with the occasional dropout.

Having said my tickr fit is great, I should mention that it has some connection problems with my mac laptop recently which is annoying. It’s never worked with bluetooth but via an ANT+ dongle has mostly been fine, except when it isn’t (like this morning). But at least the HR measurements themselves are good :slight_smile: