Arion Digital Smart B+ With iOS iPad - automatic resistance?

if I get the Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ To use with iOS iPad - will this allow for automatic resistance as I ride the zwift course?

it looks clear that Ant+ would automatically adjust the resistance as you ride, but I can’t find confirmation that the Bluetooth link through the iPad would also allow this - as I want to use with an iPad rather than a laptop.


Scroll down to the bottom of and there is a compatibility section just for rollers.

I own these rollers, as stated on the website Zwift does not currently support the Bluetooth protocol, I am using Ant+ to control the resistance just fine however, but yes it is frustrating that the iPad app cannot be used.

It would be great to know if Bluetooth support was coming for these rollers. Part of the problem is that they are relatively new to the market.

does this mean it will work if i have the dongle on my macbook ?, thanks