Are others getting this display banding in workouts?

I’m wondering if others see this same screen banding effect during workouts and is it intentional by Zwift?

(I’m using a laptop PC with HDMI connection to 65" TV)

Near the end of each higher power interval in the yellow, orange and red range, my display starts getting this banding effect with about 1/3 the interval time remaining. Notice the white horizontal lines in the display and the color shifting aura appearing on objects and the white road line/snow. It gets more intense until I pass through the arch indicating end of the interval.

At first I thought this was some kind of limitation in my graphics chip causing this, but it is 100% correlated to the last 1/3 of the time of a higher intensity interval only. Never occurs on grey, blue, or green intervals. It also has nothing to do with the existance of the arch in the graphic as it starts well before the arch can be seen on the display and it does not occur even when an arch is visible on lower power intervals.

I’m wondering if this is an intentional appearance by Zwift to mimic the idea that the rider is getting fatigued by the high power interval creating visual aberation. That’s the first explanation I think of at least.

Do others get this or is it just me?

It is, there is a setting in Zwift called workout pain effect or something, you can turn it off.


Ah, that is what that setting does. I’ve never known what changing that setting does. Good to know, it will get turned off today.

I keep learning new things all the time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight @Mike_Rowe1.