Are anti-sandbagging measures actually turned on in the anti-sandbagging races?

I did my first ZHQ Futureworks Anti-sandbagging race a few days ago (as usually they weren’t scheduled at a convenient time for me but it looks like Zwift has changed the schedule and fixed up the naming).

I didn’t see any green cones of shame. In my cat B race the results show 3 riders at 4.1w/kg, 2 at 4.2w/kg and one at 4.3w/kg and another at 4.5w/kg. I guess the riders at 4.1 and 4.2w/kg fall within the 95% limit for 20 minutes but I don’t see how the 4.5w/kg rider avoided any sanction.

In C cat there were 2 riders doing 3.5w/kg and 1 rider at 3.6w/kg.

In D cat there were 3 riders at 3.1w/kg and 2 each at 2.9w/kg and 2.8w/kg.

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something but surely the 3 riders in D cat riding at the top of C cat limits shouldn’t be finishing in the top 10?

Is the green cone still active in these races or does the anti-sandbagging measures now consist solely of a warning message if you sign up to a lower cat than your FTP would suggest?