AppleTV Issues (4)

Model: Apple TV 4
Version: Latest
Reproductible: Yess, Always!

  1. When you exit Zwift (back to main menu) and go back in, there is no more sound.
    Solution: Force-Quit the Zwift app and relaunch it. The sound will be ok.

  2. 3rd party remote does not work in Zwift. If you use the normal AppleTV remote and you swipe in any directions, it works fine. However, if you use another remote (such as the logitech harmony remote or any other universal remote) and you press the arrow, it does not work in Zwift. However it does work in any other apps (this is why I am filling this report here instead of apple)

  3. Only 2 account appear in the title menu. We have 3 account (me, my wife, my daughter). Would be nice to be able to see all 3 accounts, to avoid having to re-enter all the informations all over again!

  4. Apple Watch disconnect very often. I guess it’s still in beta and I should not complain but it’s very awful for me. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes I cannot get them to connect, sometimes it will connect and will disconnect at some point (and of course, I cannot go back in pairing as it will stop my race).