Apple Watch & iPad

Great to see Apple Watch connecting with iPhone are there any plans to make it compatible with the iPad

Seconded. Apple watch integration would be ace. Being able to activate Power-Ups or course route selections would be a great start.

“Ride on” :+1:t2:

Agree that this would be a win.

I asked the devs about this, and iPad connections actually aren’t possible due to a limitation on Apple’s side. As much as we’d like to, you cannot connect the watch with the iPad. Sorry to kill the dream!

The trick is to put the watch heartrate connection into the mobile link app on the phone and let mobile link forward that the Zwift app itself. This should not be a big deal since mobile link is already handshaking continuously for current riders and control command. Most notably “Ride On!”  :-)

Is there any news about the new Apple Watch 3 and communication with the iPad? Thank you.