Add Apple Watch2 pairing on Mobile Link App

I would like to use my iPhone as my Mobile Link app on my bike while i use zwift. However, i can only pair my apple watch2 if i use the zwift app on my iPhone. I would use my iPad as a larger display to view my workout while i ride vs the tiny iPhone screen. 


Thank you

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately, as I understand it, this isn’t really something that can be done. Apple just doesn’t allow iPad connections with it in this way.

Hi Nick thank you for the reply. Perhaps I should revise my earlier statement. When using my laptop, I have the option to use Zwift Mobile Link to Pair my sensors with the Zwift application. Again it works great to pair my Wahoo Kicker for Power and Candace. However it will not pair my apple watch 2, even tho I am using the iPhone 7 while using the Mobile Link. Can you enable the Mobile Link app to utilize the apple watch 2. 


Thank you