Apple Watch App doesn’t work on iPad?

Read this somewhere a while ago and wanted to see if that was still the current situation. Apple Watch 3 is fairly decent now, so would imagine it becoming more popular. The optical HR on it is proving surprisingly accurate compared with a Garmin strap, been testing it the past couple of days. 

I’m thinking the AW3 can replace a strap and MP3 player/phone which would cleanup some setups. The talk to text seems to pick me up well when gassed and the trainer is whirring in the background. Quite impressive, easier than typing on phone. Just need the Zwift App working on iPad next!


Unfortunately Apple does not support any sort of connection between an iPad and an iWatch.  If you look you’ll notice there is no Apple Health nor the watch app on iPad like you’d see on iPhone.

Apple has not announced any plans to change this in the future, but what you can do is use Zwift on iPad, and grab Zwift Mobile Link for your iPhone.  Zwift Mobile Link will detect your watch and forward the information to the game running on the iPad.