Apple Watch HRM drop out

After connecting my Apple Watch (5) to Zwift (on 2021 MacBook Air) it will drop out after 5 or 10 mins, (completely close the watch app) and not come back unless I go to the laptop and reconnect it.

I have noticed that streaming music to speakers from my phone can sometimes cause the Watch to disconnect, surly this isn’t apple not allowing the use of multiple Bluetooth connections?

Once I close Zwift on the laptop, the app on the Watch will pop back up and drain the battery until I notice it and have to close it.

Any help appreciated


Hi @Aaron_Leece

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If other BLE enabled paired devices (e.g. speakers, headphones, etc…) seem to be obviously contributing to the issue, then this sounds like standard wireless signal interference.

The go-to troubleshooting guide for these issues can be found in this article.