Apple Watch displays Zwift "Unpaired" but do not want to use Apple Watch on Zwift


I have an Apple Watch which I wear when riding on Zwift.
But I do not use it for Zwift, I do not connect to the watch from Zwift to use as a heart rate monitor.

Today I get a display on my Apple Watch from Zwift saying the Apple Watch is unpaired.
(Tries to upload a png and a jpg picture of this but kept getting an error from the forum).

I would like to get rid of this display on my watch as it always appears as the first display.

Can I somehow tell Zwift to ignore my Apple Watch, or tell the Apple Watch to Ignore Zwift?

Been using a regular Ant + heart rate monitor strap (Garmin) for years and still use it.
But somehow The Apple Watch wants to connect to Zwift which I do not want.

Don’t see any Apple Watch setting on the iPhone to do this, nor on the Apple Watch itself or on Zwift.


Looks like I found a fix - somehow the Companion App was installed on my Apple Watch.
I don’t recall doing this, can Zwift tell the Apple Watch to install the Companion App in some use case?

Anyhow deleting the Companion App from the Apple Watch shut up Zwift from continually telling me that Zwift was unpaired.

The Apple Watch connectivity is horrendous. I did exactly what you have done and it’s really the only way to ride. I track my Apple Workouts separate from my Zwift rides and use an external HR monitor for Zwift… which is totally redundant, but Zwift refuses to fix the connectivity issues.


When you installed the Companion app on your iPhone, it might have gone and assumed you wanted it on your Watch as well. Now, I don’t know if that’s accurate, because I keep pretty few apps on my watch. I haven’t installed the watch versions of a number of my iPhone apps. In any case, I forget if you have to manually go to your watch app on your iPhone and tell it to install the watch apps, or if it’s automatic.

I’ve had really hit & miss success with the Apple Watch app as my HR monitor for zwift rides. It’s a shame because when it works it’s super convenient compared to strapping on an additional HR monitor.

I keep trying to find a “best order” to get success but haven’t found it yet. On one ride I tried for 12 minutes to get it to start before it was working 100% and not unpairing after a few seconds if it paired.

Any suggestions?

Maybe this?