Apple Watch disconnect issue

Another thing I recently noticed: I have had one instance where my Zwift app was not connected, I checked the Companion app on my phone, and I noticed that my Watch’s Companion app seemed like it was trying to activate. I usually run the main Zwift app on my iPad, but sometimes on my Mac; in any case, I usually force quit the iPad app once I’m done. This issue doesn’t present every time I check the Companion app, however.

Anyway, no, the main issue has definitely not been fixed. However, it’s an intermittent thing for me. I wonder if they have even pinned the issue down.

I have found a reliable workaround which was also briefly mentioned by another user.
Start an Apple Workout and immediately end it. This stops Zwift Companion from restarting. Downside is that I get an annoying little workout in my feeds but seems to be slightly preferable to rebooting the watch.

This workaround suggests to me that it might actually be a Zwift issue.

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The Can confirm that starting an Apple Watch workout stops the Zwift workout on my watch.

I had this problem once, but it turned out that I had two apps open on my phone: the Companion app and the main Zwift app. I kept fiddling with shutting down the companion app, not realizing that three weeks prior I had opened the Zwift app and so it was buried in my list of open apps (when I double clicked the home button, it was like 60 apps back, so I didn’t notice it was there). When I got both closed the watch app stopped restarting.

I’m still having the problem that the HR on the watch only sometimes pairs with the companion app. Zwift should really be embarrassed by how bad the Apple support is, apologize for how long this has been ongoing, and fix it. I am now evaluating Zwift alternatives. If I can find something half as good from a riding experience but more reliable / integrated, I’ll probably jump ship, unfortunately. I have really enjoyed Zwift this winter, but the ten minutes or so I have to spend fiddling with apps to get everything connected every ride is starting to add up.

Also, blaming this on Apple is ridiculous. Zwift team, some of your riders, including me, are professional computer scientists and are not buying it. I have virtually no problems with watch-phone app pairings, except the Zwift app. It’s not Apple’s fault or responsibility to make your stuff work.