Apple TV to iPad Pro setup

(Richard Diolata) #1

I’m currently using the Apple TV for my Zwift setup and I’m considering using my iPad Pro instead. My setup consist of my iPhone running Mobile Link on my handle bars with bracket. I would like to purchase the handle bar bracket for my iPad. My question is do you need to use Mobile Link app while running Zwift on the iPad? Preferably I would like to just use the iPad and not have my iPhone running Mobile Link on my handle bars.

(Paul Allen) #2

It would depend on what you are using the ZML for.

(Richard Diolata) #3

I usually use ZML to look up current events and message. I’m assuming iPad IOS doesn’t incorporate this?

(Paul Allen) #4

I think you will get a better experience using the ZML along with the Zwift app on the iPad, it will make messaging much easier. 

(Richard Diolata) #5

Ok thanks. I think I’ll go with a iPad stand and have the iPhone running ZML on my handle bar.