Apple TV and Apple Watch?

I am curious to see if anyone is successfully using both together. I am trying to troubleshoot my set up. Before I begin, I have followed the instructions exactly, and I have seen support staff say to start ZML BEFORE starting Apple TV, and I have seen support staff say to start it after starting Apple TV. As such, I have tried both with similar outcomes. To be clear, I am using the ZML App and pairing after I start my ride.

The issue is that for the first 8 to 10 minutes of my ride, the Apple Watch disconnects. Some times it reconnects itself, and sometimes I have to pair it. Other times, the H rate is stuck on some low number (in the 60’s) when I know my HR is about 130 or so. When the Apple Watch disconnects, It still shows up as connected in ZML (upper right hand corner BLE logo is still blue and tapping it shows the Watch). 

I have worked with support on this, and they have asked me to send log files. I have sent them only to figure out that the log files I send them are from the iPhone App, and I have no access to Apple TV log files, so that is useless.

One interesting aspect. When I start Zwift on Apple TV, it automatically opens my Apple Watch App. I have it off/closed/etc, yet it opens it up, so I manually disconnect it from the initial pairing screen.

All that said, is there anyone in Zwift Land that is successfully using the two together (Apple TV and Apple Watch), and if so, do you mind sharing if there is something unique that you are doing? Happy to provide RideOns, Virtual Beers, etc to anyone who can help! 

Thanks in advance.

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The Apple Watch functionality seems to be very flakey.

I’ve been using my Apple Watch connected via the ZML app running on my iPhone 8 to Zwift running on my Apple TV.  I’ve also recently started using it with a PC.

It is often difficult to get the Watch to connect when starting a session. 

It will often disconnect in the middle of a session.

Sometimes killing the ZML app on my phone and restarting it will allow it to connect successfully.

Other times I’ve found it necessary to reboot my Watch to get it to connect.

It seems to have the same issues on both the Apple TV and the PC.

Its a nice feature when it works, but it really doesn’t seem ready for prime time yet.