Apple TV 4K

(T Dunscombe) #1

Recently purchased an Apple TV 4K as a replacement for my Dell Alien Alpha which worked perfectly.   Decided to purchase the Apple after watching a glowing DC Rainmaker review but FYI the Apple 4k is clearly still buggy.

Know that I find the Apple TV 4k remote control more difficult to use than a mouse.  It is almost impossible to use once fingers are sweaty.  I use the trainer for tough mid-week workouts and the occasional race and unfortunately I’m a heavy sweater.

Like others I initially had problems linking to my Elite Direto trainer,  wahoo heart rate and cadence monitors to the Zwift program on Apple TV 4k.   That was solved by deleting all bluetooth connections between my iphone, associated apps, and these devices.    Once done they all immediately show up on the Apple TV Zwift program and link up easily. 

The look and feel of the Apple 4k TV  Zwift home screen is very similar to my Alpha, but not exactly.   I transitioned just after hitting level 25.  The orange  bar that moves from left to right showing your progression to the next level is not there.     

When I selected a workout based upon a certain FTP, somehow ERG mode was unselected.  When I started the workout it seemed to hold my watts at approximately 150 even as the goal was progressing from 100 to 225 watts.  After 10 minutes I went back into the menu system and re-selected “erg mode”. I returned to the workout and it started over and worked properly.   This may just be my clumsy use of the remote controller.

I’d be nice if a thumb sock (not a whole glove) could be developed to counter the effect of sweat on the remote.  I expect things will get easier as I get more comfortable using the remote and the bugs are worked on.

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #2

I agree totally: From sign in on apple system an I tune store, troughtout sign in on Zwift  and The Bluetooth capacity of apple TV 4k is a shame. only 2 devices. other devices as keboards lost connections all the time. Apple Zwift companion required more apple spencive devices like Iphones or a tablet. My experiment with the TV4k ended after 4 hours of frustrations. Taking the device to walmart inmediatilly  

(Steve Ellis) #3

" I transitioned just after hitting level 25.  The orange  bar that moves from left to right showing your progression to the next level is not there."

There’s no level progress after 25. We’re waiting (since 2015) for level 26.

(Stephen Eddleman) #4

The Siri remote is horrible.  That much is true.  I’m considering using a non-apple remote that has a true d-pad but is compatible with AppleTV.  I’m going to experiment a little more with the Siri remote, to see if it will act like a D-pad remote, but if that fails their are other remotes that might do the trick.  Jury is out.  Off course, the menus in the zwift app could be improved to help… but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

(Steven D) #5

Hi there,

I certainly understand the complaints with Apple’s platform, however we do our best to work with the tools we’re given. As I understand, there is currently no Apple support for a wireless or Bluetooth mouse on the Apple TV. The remote is currently your only option for navigating around Apps.

Perhaps if enough Apple customers like yourselves raise heck with Apple, they’ll expand to include wireless Bluetooth mouse support as well as increase the number of concurrent BLE connections on the Apple TV platform. However, until that time, these are the technical limitations of the Apple TV. 

Note: If 2 BLE connections on your Apple TV is not enough, Zwift will automatically prompt you to use the Zwift Companion app on your mobile device to pair any additional supported devices to the game. 

As for level 25, I’d like to congratulate you on reaching the maximum level in Zwift! 

As for your experience points, those are still being accumulated but since you’re at the level cap, you won’t be able to see them or your level progression bar anymore. Still, you can be certain that the game is keeping track of your progress, and as we continue to add content to the game, you can expect to one day receive additional benefits for those extra Zwift experience points.

The details behind what you will eventually receive with the experience points that you continue to accrue beyond level 25 is still a mystery at this time. Stay tuned for more!

(Alvaro Valencia ZHR (I)) #6

Good Luck. But Apple is known as a very close architecture. I try similar but no luck. Unless you are a full apple User. all apple products you may have some better luck. but yous expenses will be near triple than using windows and android architectures that are compatible to each other. Beside the Visual effects a little bit better or worse. No reason to use apple ATV4k. Windows has doble monitor capacities too, on apple forget it.


(Steve Copeland) #7

I am not sure what the issues are.  I use an Apple TV 4K in both run and ride modes on a daily basis without problem.  I connect a TacX Neo for ride using a CooSpo HRM for ride and a Milestone Footpod and the same HRM for run.

Leanring to navigate round the screens using the Apple remote takes a little patience but once you have grasped it then its simple enough to use.  I am Lvl14 and 15 and thats been done largely on the Apple TV and my iPad when away from home. I have never actually used it on anything else!


(Martin Huchel) #8

Is it an advantage for Zwift when I run Apple TV 4k with lower resolution? More pictures per second?