Apple TV 4K 2021: Horrible graphics and remote arrow not working

I am pretty sure there is other posts about it but I could’nt find it so I’m posting it again. I just bought a new Apple TV 4K 2021 as an upgrade for my 4th Gen Apple TV. First thing I saw was that the directionnal arrow are not working in Zwift. Not quite a surprise as I already connected a gamepad to my AppleTV and the arrow was working everywhere except in Zwift… But since it’s a new device, I hope they will update Zwift to use directionnal arrow. So much easier then trackpad!

Other thing is that the graphics are horrible. Honestly, I feel that the graphics on my 4th Gen (Non 4K) AppleTV was better. The Anti-Aliasing seems disabled and there is alot alot alot of missing elements, like shadows.

Overall, I just think that the Zwift app has not been updated yet for Apple TV 4K 2021. I really hope that an update would be available soon.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. It will be an update or two before the new Apple TV 4K and remote are supported properly.

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Thanks! Can’t wait to see the full potential of this machine! :slight_smile:

Don’t get too excited. If you have already have a ATV 4K stick to it.

Don’t believe me, watch this: