Apple iPad touch zone for action bar does not behave as expected

iOS version 16.6
9th gen iPad
10.2" screen at 2160x1620 pixel
Zwift version 1.48.1 (119501)

I noticed tonight at the start of a race in France on the RGV route that the touch zone to make the action bar was everywhere except on the action bar.

Below the action bar the only way to get it to appear is to literally tap the bottom edge of the screen. Anything even slightly higher (for example in the area where the action bar appears) fails to work. It’s like the only part of the screen in that area that is a touch zone is the bottom line of pixels.

On the other hand, tapping anywhere in the top two thirds of the screen will make the action bar appear. In the attached picture this is approximately where the bottom edge of the glowing orange pen barrier is. Tapping anywhere above that line (except on the blue power display in the top left and the message box on the right, tapping there does nothing) opens the action bar. Tapping below it, nothing.

It almost feels like the touch zone is the inverse of where it should be. Tapping where the action bar should appear doesn’t work. Tapping where the action bar isn’t does work.

BTW, I had the Ven Top turn-off indicator showing for the whole race. Only after the end of the race did it disappear. This has been a long standing issue with the France map.

Updated to Zwift 1.48.2 (121252) last night.

Did a race in Innsbruck and the touch zone function was working correctly.

After the race I joined another race in France on the RGV route (Stage 4 of the Zwift series which was the same event type from my earlier post) and the touch zone function was working properly as well.

I don’t know if the update fixed this bug if it was related to the turn-off indicator being visible for the whole event. But for the moment it appears to be working properly again.