Apple health and zwift companion time incorrect

Zwift is sending incorrect time to apple health, which leads to an incorrect pace calculation for running. It also seems to be showing the incorrect time in zwift companion too, but the running pace is correct. I think zwift includes time the app is open but I’m not active (for example, when my apple watch gets unsynced between the setup screen and the start, which is a separate annoyance, I go into blue tooth setting to drop and resync my apple watch before starting an activity). The zwift website and data exported to strava seem to be ok. Zwift should be sending apple watch only the time i’m actually working out, not any time I’m taking to redo the settings (or pick a different color pair of socks etc),

For example, today I ran a constant 7mph on my treadmill for 3.11 miles (plus the distance zwift continued to record while saving)
zwift website: 3.1mi: 26:55 time, 8:37 pace (close enough to treadmill and online calculators which say 7mph is 8:34)
zwift companion: 3.13 miles 27:14 time, 8:37 pace
strava: 3.12 miles, 26:52 time, 8:36 pace
apple health: 3.13 miles, 27:14 time, 8:42 pace

A day from last month had almost a minute difference:
zwift website: 3.1 miles, 27:46 pace, 8:53 pace
zwift companion: 3.13 miles, 28:33 time, 8:53 pace
strava: 3.13 miles, 27:41 time, 8:51 pace
apple health: 3.13 miles, 28:32 time, 9:07/mi

Strava and apple health agree when I run outdoors without zwift,