App gets stuck on closedown [Windows 10 AND 11]

Every time I close down the app after I’m done, either by just pressing the x or even by alt-f4ing the app hangs for around 10 seconds with the sound still going. Visuals will stop but whatever sound is on at the point of closing will keep playing for longer. I’m guessing the exiting process was an afterthought?

Hi Stef,

Don’t use the x to close the app.

Click on menu, then end ride. You’ll then be taking back to the home screen which will allow you to end the application by clicking on the exit button (dorr sign, top right)

I never close the app from a ride, it’s always from the menu. I should have added that I also at times hit the door but that results in an even longer close down time. First I look at 10 seconds of ‘Exiting…’ after which the sounds will stop but then another 10 seconds before the app fully closes.

On that note why isn’t Alt + Enter enabled to switch between full screen and windowed? Because why have the x there if youre not allowed to press it?

I’m pretty certain the x exists on every application in Windows.

I’m just suggesting a more graceful way of shutting down the application.

10-20 seconds waiting for the app to fully close sounds about right to me. By that I mean, that’s how long it takes for me too, not that it should take that long. I don’t have any sounds enabled so can’t comment on that aspect.

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Same here. It’s not been graceful or quick for ages. The new home screen doesn’t seem to have improved matters - it’s still completely random whether you get a blue loading screen, everything frozen up, or everything blurred. Sometimes you see your avatar back in the world as it quits.

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Hi @Stef_Brands

This is good feedback and thanks for sharing your observations. It may be that 20 or so seconds to close the app is normal, but if there’s room for improvement, I appreciate the feedback.

In reference to what @Dave_ZPCMR said, I know that Zwift’s developers are tracking issues where Zwift has some load time and performance issues, so this may fall under that umbrella to a certain extent. I’ve tagged this thread with the bug report number for added visibility. Thanks!


My main point is that shutdown, whatever way it is triggered, so EVEN when using the windows X, should not be a talking point and should feel clean. Which it doesn’t. I can’t think of any other significant windows app that ever had me think it failed on shutdown.