Main UI - save ride dumps you out of program

I am new to Zwift, using on Windows 10 with companion Android app.

I am finding the main app UI (user interface) a bit clunky. My main grip is that when I do a warm up ride before an event, stop the warmup and save it, the windows app dumps me out of the app. And then I have to reopen the app. Would not be such a problem, but the main app takes several minutes to initialize. What is it doing? Would be much better to not dump me out. Why should a save operation then close the program?

Anyway, I am struggling with the Windows app UI, no main menu control, and seems hard to get where I want to go. And the Companion app just makes things more confusing.

Welcome to Zwift!!

It’s probibly the most requested Feature Request: Allow Saves Without Exit

A new UI is coming to AppleTV zoon and hopefully other platforms will also get it at some point.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it may have been a configuration issue, and not by design. Wow, as a retire software engineer, I am really surprised they would have knowingly designed it to work that way. Its a real defect in design, in my view.

You dont need to save and exit before joining the event either, just do your warm up and when it is a few minutes before the start of whatever event you are signed up for “join” it. Zwift will save the warm up as a separate ride. No need to exit and restart!

I presume it’s to reduce the number of active users logged in at any given time. Once you have finished riding you are removed to reduce the server burden.

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