Anything for slow unfit riders

Hi, have returned to Zwift after 3 years and the changes have been amazing, but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s my level of unfitness, Looking at my stats my average ride is 30 minutes and 130W doing around 6 miles.
Was wondering if there are any group rides for riders of this level.
My current plan is to try and increase my ride time by a minumn of 5 minutes per week week, riding 4 times a week, To get me up to a ride of an hour and then to start increasing distance from there.



What w/kg does 130 watts get you? You could be at 2.0 or 1.0 w/kg, and that makes a big difference.

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1.3 to 1.5

D. Diesel pace partner sounds just about perfect.

You should also check out the HERD rides, they are usually within your range.

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Some of the DIRT D rides approach that level of effort.

I second the HERD recommendation. Great rides!
Also check out “ZER” rides and “Seattle Baby Steps” ride on Sunday