Power help

Hi all
I started Zwifting about 7 months ago, and got completely hooked. Im not great at all, but I really enjoy the race side of things.
I was doing pretty well (for me!) in category D, and was averaging 2.3w/kg and was competitive in races.
I entered a few short distance races, and was able to put power out of 2.9w/kg over the shorter distance (about 11 minutes) and therefore was upgraded to category C.
I had a bit of an illness and some issues with my hardware (wattbike, please ask if anyone has any issues with this as I managed to partially solve my problem) but am now pushing to my absolute limit and am only able to get to 2.1w/kg over an hour race, and my average HR is well over 170. I can barely keep up with any groups and push like mad to then have no legs at the end of the race as otherwise I would be riding alone early on.

Any tips or suggestions to make it more fun?

Leaderless group rides like the Tour of Makuri Islands and BMTR Fundo are nice as quasi-races where you can try to draft a group that forms around your desired pace