Anyone listen to Audiobooks whilst on Zwift

As an author of a couple of mystery thrillers, I was interested in how many people listen to audiobooks whilst on Zwift?

I’m new so just have the ambient sound on and a million ride on’s, but I might start listening. Or maybe you listen to music, or just the game like me?


I turn off the Game Sounds always. In free rides and group rides I leave the 3D World Sounds enabled. In races I turn off all the sounds from Zwift and play angry music :metal:

On really long free rides (3-5 hours for me) I sometimes play back live concerts from YouTube

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Yes, quite often if it’s just a training ride. Though an action scene in this morning’s chapter had me pedalling too fast and having to ease back into the planned target heart rate zone.

But for races it gets switched to pace music.

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i turn off the 3d world sounds and leave on the game sounds.

I then listen to podcasts. Done a variety but top 3 are.

Joe Marler Show
Peter Crouch
Geraint Thomas Cycling Club

As I’m now completely running only i find that Zwift gives me visual stimulus but podcasts help massively & plus I’ve learnt plenty.

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Ha-haI could see that happening in the end of a chapter…

More seriously though…

During my first season of Zwift, I mainlined the entire “ZwiftCast” back-catalogue and it was an AWESOME way to get familiar with the nuances of the game.

I’ve tried to capture interesting content in the Resource Wiki, here: Zwift Resource Wiki 🗺

Most often, if I don’t have a podcast or audiobook queued up, I’m listening to a Spotify playlist.

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Yep! During base training rides I’ve been voraciously consuming audiobooks recently, borrowed for free from my local library! :grin: For energetic workouts or races I’d normally select some music to ride to.

I’m learning Chinese so I listen to my audio lessons. Usually music, but the lessons are great too.

Yes, hundreds of hours of Audible while Zwifting. I listen to podcasts occasionally as well. The same phone that runs companion plays the audio and I have a Bluetooth speaker to make it loud enough.