What songs to you listen to on the bike?

I need ideas, I listen to pop and kpop only lol. Anyone else have anything they listen to on the bike? Other than podcasts :blush::wink:

If not just listening to ‘Sounds of Zwift’ (which is less and less frequent, since they added so much background noise recently), I generally am catching up on the latest racing with a GCN+ subscription. Three different stage races going on right now, plus some CX over the weekend and a women’s race on Sunday. It’s not music, but I find it entertaining.

Yeah that’s cool Nigel. :eyes: I find the Zwift background sounds kind of annoying tbh lol

Whatever is playing on Radio Paradise.

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Eye of the tiger, on repeat


Awwww yeaaaaah! He has good taste!!! :heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire:

Or maybe this, instead? :rofl:


You’re certainly on many zwift playlists, too.
Nice kilt, by the way:

(Had a hard time finding one of your classics that wouldn’t get the ban hammer here. Or that wasn’t Stonehenge.)

Edit: That video was made 30 years ago?! Feelin’ like a dinosaur right now. :anguished:


To answer the OP, it really depends on the mood and the day. Heavy, driving, guitar-based stuff always gets my blood up, so I could happily listen to Iron Maiden from the 80s and 90s for hours on end.:metal: But I find that I mostly use Zwift riding time to listen to spoken-word podcasts on science, politics and comedy. :man_shrugging: Zwift provides the mental high and improved blood flow, helping the brain absorb ideas better.
Going for an FTP test, I mightn’t listen to anything but my own breathing, so concentration and positivity won’t be influenced/interrupted. Each to their own.


sometimes I feel like some easy listening too


As long as I don’t run into Inigo Montoya on my rides, all is good! Or Duke Fame, for that matter!


One thing I use is: Discover the top streamed music and songs online on Soundcloud

I usually listen to the following streaming channels:

  • Top Dance on Amazon Music
  • Cardio Dance Workout on Amazon Music
  • Soulcycle Radio on SiriusXM
  • Utopia on SiriusXM
  • BPM Workout on SiriusXM

Cranked up to sound like a Spinning Studio!

Sometimes I listen to Eric Min’s Zwifting Playlist:

Most of the time I listen to Iron Maiden.


My iPod with about 4000 songs on shuffle. Ranging from Big Band, Swing, Trad Jazz, R&B, Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, Fusion, Folk, New Age, etc. If something comes up that’s not event appropriate I just go to the next song. I get some fun segues with this: Ted Nugent following Glen Miller. Or “Do It” by Neil Diamond following “Don’t Do It” by The Band.


High energy rock and techno! Foo Fighters, Metallica, Idles, Rage Against the Machine, Prodigy, Crystal Method, Spinal Tap. Maybe you’ll find something to motivate you. Ride On!

Wow :flushed:.

You bunch listen to some seriously angry music.

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Your telling me! :smirk::flushed:

Yeah, that Glenn Miller, Neil Diamond and The Band certainly bring that anger… :laughing:

I guess I can see the Ted though.

50 songs by Iron Maiden? Eric Min’s 36 song playlist? That’s not going to last long…