Audible whilst zwifting?!

I imagine not…but does anyone listen to audible whilst zwifting? If so, what do you recommend?

Why do you imagine not?

While not on Audible, I almost only listen to podcasts while Zwifting. If I’m doing a big climb, I might change to music part way up, just for a little extra boost. But otherwise, Zwift is a great chance for me to catch up on podcasts (especially since I’m not driving to the office as much as I used to, in these days of COVID).

I would guess there are a lot of people who listen either to podcasts or audio books while on Zwift. Great chance to let your mind focus on what your listening to.

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Thank you, Andrew…i guess ur right! I need to do some podcast research as i am listening to blackadder on audible or radio 4 at present…and there must be more out there!

I listen to podcasts often while Zwifting, they distract me more than music.

Really enjoyed the Louis Theroux ‘Grounded’ series that were put together & released during lockdown. One of my long term listens is the Adam Buxton podcast, he has interviewed some very interesting people and often the ones I enjoy the most are the people that I’ve never heard of.


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I listened to the whole The silent patient on my first days on zwift. I may have missed some details in the last series of the first “tempo” workout in the FTP Builder plan, but it was a great experience. I recommend thrillers, biography and self help (I usually despise these but I am enjoying The subtle art of not giving a f…ck". After reading what you are doing I´ll pick some podcasta, good idea.

I usually listen to books I’ve read and enjoyed but haven’t found the time to re-read. Although only for low-intensity rides.

I tend to go into zone where my mind clears and empties and I’m immersed in the Zwift world or workout so anything that requires attention outside of that won’t work for me.

That said like you I’m in similar position with my podcasts and no longer driving to office so do sometimes have those on.

Favourites of mine:
The Socially Distant Sports Bar
The Bugle
The Collecting Cars Podcast
The Race F1 Podcast
Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster
Smith and Sniff
Adam Buxton
Evil Genius
The Life Scientific
The Infinite Monkey Cage

I guess I will chime in on this one. I am trying to figure out how to get my Audible book collection to the Apple TV that runs Zwift for my Bike. I tried the trick of importing to itunes from audible, but the problem with that is that it never ends up in your cloud collection.

And feedback would be great because the earbuds I wear are connected to the Apple TV and that keeps the noise down while the gf is sleeping still.

To jump in before everyone says, why don’t you just put zwift on mute and listen on the earbuds to your phone, my gym is setup with 2 tv’s (one for treadmill and one for bike) and they are both using zwift. When I am on the treadmill, I use the bike tv to watch youtube videos while on the treadmill.

I hope this makes sense.