Any new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book users using it for Zwift yet?

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #1

I am looking to get this device and while I know it will not be as ideal for Zwift.  I would like to know how many FPS and detail you are getting?  I am only getting 14fps out of my i7 work laptop and some graphical anomolies.  

(Mark Williams) #2

Curious to know what problems you anticipate. I have an Surface Pro 3 and it’s been AWESOME Zwift - almost the perfect device for me.

I run Zwift on it while listening to music over Bluetooth and while projecting YouTube video’s to my TV (often all at the same time) and it’s never had any issues at all.

The Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 should do even better.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #3

I don’t expect any problems.  I was just interested what the FPS I would get and if I could run this at a level high detail.  

If you dig into the logs directory C:\Users’your name’\Documents\Zwift\Logs\Log.txt you can see what FPS you are getting.  

I would be interested to see what SP3 gets.  It would give me some idea of what to expect.

(Stuart Davis) #4

I use Zwift on my Surface Pro 3 - basic i3 version and it’s generally ok. The user interface is somewhat clunky and slow to respond but it;s actually slightly better than my ageing desktop PC!

(Jaime Salas) #5

Hey guys… I know this was about SP4, but I have a SP3 i7 8 gigs of ram, and Ill be using that tonight as well as using the external video port to attach it to a 32 inch screen. I’ll let you know how it goes and what settings I used in zwift in regards to video settings.

(Jaime Salas) #6

UPDATE* Ran Zwift on my SP3 on high video settings, ran like a champ with no lag or glitching. My SP3 specs are: i7 intel processor with 8 gigs of ram.

I did the hour and half SST training module, and didn’t have a single problem… OH wait make sure you plug in your SP cause I had only two minutes left and damn screen went blank on me cause I was low on battery. I did start out with a full charge, and you can almost get an hour and half on one single charge without having to plug it in, but I would really advise plugging it in before you start.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #7

Well I put down the cash for a Surface Book i7 so I will soon be able to report the FPS and performance.  Even though it is not a gaming rig it should be better than my 3 year old notebook.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #8

FYI, the news is good and bad.  The good is that it looks ok on 1080p mode but only gives me half the FPS that my old i7 laptop without a GPU.  I was getting 14 FPS on my old laptop and with the fancy new surface book i7 16gig w/ GPU I am only getting 6 or 7 FPS.  That said I am not getting any artifacts. Kind of disappointed.  All I can attribute it to is the higher resolution screen.  Even when I am the HDMI cable attached and running at 1080 mode I still cannot get above 7FPS.

Can someone with a SP or SB look at there logs and see what FPS they are getting?  Maybe I have some sort of setup problem.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #9

Anyone considering a surface book and wanting to play Zwift should move on and find something else. 

I tried my first real session with Zwift and only got 4 to 5 FPS on medium settings.  It takes you out of the game at that rate.  I didn’t seem to matter much high or low res. 

Can someone with a SP3 look at the log to get the FPS.  I will wait for software updates if it is a software issue.  But short of that it is going back.  A $2600 machine w/ a GPU should out perform a 2 year old laptop without a GPU. That machine gives 15FPS at high res.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #10

I have some more info.  So if I detach the base and run Zwift without the discrete GPU it runs nicely at 18FPS on 1080 high res.  Once I use the GPU it will run at only 4 to 5 FPS which is not usable.  So perhaps it is some software issue with Zwift or the GPU driver.

I may just return the SB and get a SP4 as it will save me 500 and give me better performance than a SB with a GPU.

Any advice?  Do I sit tight and hope the drivers or zwift will be updated to get acceptable performance or should I just return it and get a SP4 or something else?

(Charles G) #11

Same issue here, got a Surface Book with I7 and Zwift runs terrible. I also tried opening the Nvidia settings and ensure Zwift runs on the Nvidia graphics but framerate is awful at 720p.

Trying the updates now, but if this runs terrible like this I would rather return and get a macbook pro

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #12

The Surfacebook uses a proprietary Nvidia graphics chip and it doesn’t tell us what it’s comparable to, so it actually performs worse than it should. We’re looking into it and, with the proper profile, should be able to have it running smoothly in the near future.

That’s something only the dev team can truly comment on, however. They are aware of the issue.

(Charles G) #13

Eric, thank you for the quick answer. The Surface book has a Nvidia 940M that’s what most of the web returns: Anandtech, other,  gpuz


(Deici Jaramillo) #14

I also have a Surface Book. Just got the latest GPU-Z see what I got.

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #15

I did return my sb but it does  run ok if you disable the gpu.  I was getting 20 fps without the gpu


(Charles G) #16

I did a OpenGL 2 benchmark comparing my Dell XPS 15 with Geforce 750M versus the Surface Book with Geforce 940M and the Surface book received much better results.

I used furmark, not sure if Zwift uses OpenGL 2 but it should still be a comparative. Furmark also identifies the card as generic “GeForce GPU” NVIDIA Device ID (0x10de - 0x134b) , Sub ID _unknown_ (0x1414 - 0x8)


Dell XPS 15 Nvidia Geforce 750M

Surface Book i7 Nvidia Geforce 940M

Dell XPS 13 Integrated Intel HD Graphics

(Charles G) #17

Please let us know if the developers need any info to make their life easier on this so perhaps surface book support gets into one of the future releases.

(jeffrey paul) #18

Ugh - it’s still not fixed in the latest update (12/30) - I am still getting < 10 FPS on my Surfacebook. I hope they resolve this soon as my Strava bonus is about to expire and there is no way I am going to pay for a game that doesn’t work on my new 2K laptop.


(Titan Miller) #19

I just installed Zwift on my i5 w/ GPU and I’m having the same low FPS issues. It seems to run well on the integrated Intel GPU, but with much lower visual quality. There is definitely some kind of configuration issue here. Why not give us control of the graphic quality beyond just resolution? 

Contact me if you want my log files or something. I really hope to get this running on this specific computer. 

(Titan Miller) #20

I just rode today and was getting 1-3fps (estimation) on the GPU. It seems like it is running at very high quality settings. It must be misidentifying the GPU as a desktop class chip and running the settings at max. With that being said, it’s surprisingly usable at such a low FPS, but I’d prefer to see closer to 40fps with lower quality.