Surface pro 3

I’m curious how well the surface pro 3 runs Zwift. Anyone know?

I wasn’t able to get it to run on my surface 2.

Right, but the Surface 2 runs Windows RT, right? I’d love it if the graphics are nice on the SP3 since it also has a touch screen.

I run it from time to time on a Surface Pro 2 here at Zwift and it runs ok. Battery powered mobile devices will never be as nice as larger laptops or PCs but it does get the job done.

I’m running it from a Surface Pro connected to a second display via the Mini DisplayPort and have no issues.


I’m on an i5 128GB SP3 and it works great. I use it as a ‘clean’ machine so there’s no fighting over which app commenders the ANT+ stick.

I use an original Surface, might be a Pro. I have no idea other than it has Windows 8. Works great.