Anti Sandbagging - Cone of Shame

[Edited - Name removed from image] Anti-Sandbagging cone issued to rider on the first lap. With the increase in resistance the rider managed to stay with our group right to the finish averaging 4.4wkg… in C. They were still able to take pulls and attack. Possibly effecting the finishing result. Is just the increase in resistance enough or is second layer needed to push riders out of the lead group?


Call them out repeatedly as well!!!

That’s not the way to do it. You should rather bring it to Zwift attention so they do something about racing before it becomes toxic.


Yes, because loads gets done when that happens!

All people need to keep doing is pointing out the category cheats and highlight which category they should be in. Then every competitor knows not to pay attention to them in the race itself.

If my experience is going to be ruined by a cheat, I’ll make sure they know about it.

As soon as zwift stop the cat cheats, I’ll stop!!!

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To me something like this is likely simple in concept but incredibly difficult to execute.

Cone already increases the resistance. Why can’t it also make it so you can’t draft them like a TT bike. Discourage people from chasing cones, and less likely to get stuck behind them if they are going backwards.


The better option is they should not have the option to enter the lower category in the first place. All the effort to code a trigger and add resistance when a simple if statement could fix it all.


Mark Cote and Flint have confirmed that Zwift are working on category enforcement. That should put an end to sandbagging in Zwift races and make the Green Cone of Shame obsolete.

Anti sandbagging and other areas…
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Yes, they have and I’m sure that’s true. We’ve heard similar things before about specific features the vast majority of Zwifters would like to see implemented. In almost all cases, said features took YEARS to get done. We’re hoping that’s not the case this time around but it’s tough when you realize that “Hope” should not be considered a viable course of action. In this case, that’s all we got…


Exactly so, Gerrie. X-frickin’-zackly so!

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Is this going to be another of those threads with 1,000+ posts about Zwift category cheats?