Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication

Well, looks like that test was successful, time to release it fully! :slight_smile:


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Category Enforcement Test Events - 21-28 Feb 2022

There’s a lot of them. All different courses.

Well it’s denied me anything except A or E so for a start it is working on my profile numbers

You mean like this?


Importantly not the ZP categories. It seems like an improvement on that though, so all good.

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Why is CAT A such a large range 4.0 - 6.0 :roll_eyes:how can this be a fair race if you have two racers at each end of the spectrum.

Actual question to you all:

You mind if I close down this thread since we have the feedback form for the test events?

Or do we want to leave it open as an “open swim” thread of sorts?

Leave it open please. Closing it would make the other thread messy, and there is a lot more than just cat enforcement to discuss.


Open pse - enjoying the bigger discussion.

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Yeah I don’t see what closing this thread will do. We still need to discuss sandbagging etc

Leave it open please.

I can move posts there if it is on that topic.


Can you undo those moves Gerrie? Leave that thread for direct feedback. Now it’s already messy with banter and broader discussion.

It is unlikely that WTRL racers will be trying these until next Wednesday. Not going to do a hard race the day before, will be too tired on Tuesday, :frowning:

On the garmin vo2 max front, I’ve been lab tested a few times for V02 (work in a Uni, help students with their testing and I get geeky data) and garmin is invariably about 1 point off the actual number.

It’s an estimate, it’s not going to be perfect, but for me it’s a fairly decent guide.

On the release front, it might have taken 3000 posts, what feels like an eternity and a battle to rival the long night, but that is the first step lots have been asking for. Nice.


I think that is like 220-AG for heart rate. If it fits you great but if not it’s terrible - my Garmin estimate is miles off (about 7, which is significant).

I think there needs to be a shared apology to @OleKristian . He was right. The intiial comms was not clear. The tests are not using the ZP cats, and the formula to place riders is not known.

Significantly different to what was first shared.

I am half postive about the direction - I have supported using more of the power curve, but if the formula is not shared, it’s a recipe for disaster (and impossible for race organisers to adapt the boundaries).


I’m not sure on the 220-Age as I blast that equation out of the water…

I’m 42 and a max HR of 196…

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That’s his point. It fits a decent proportion of some folk, but is way out for a lot too (like me and you).

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Not far off yourself