Ant+ Zwift on Samsung Note 3

I have an ant+ capable Samsung Note 3 smartphone. Other software let me track my heart rate or speed etc on this smartphone while training.

Q/ Why doesnt the Zwift Mobile App have this capacity also or to have the road screen and full / partial dashboatd on my phone also?

For example, if that were possible - one could beam their workout scenery to one’s big screen TV (i.e. by using a Chromecast, Apple tv, Roku eyc etc…) - hence immersinv themselves into a more virtual reality experience - instead of limiting oneself to a small laptop monitor?

The Zwift Mobile App only supports Bluetooth.

IOS has this ability but it is in beta right now.

Why not use an HDMI cable for better resolution? BTW, you can use Chromecast to “beam” your desktop to a TV and I believe Apple TV works as well.

Hi Paul - Thanks for the swift reply.

Yes I know a long hdmi cable from laptop/desktop to TV would certainly work - however I was looking for a less ‘cluttersome’ approach.

(Note - I haven’t noticed any resolution differences on my TV for HDMI cables vs Chromecast. Depends more on the source signal, rather than HDMI vs Chromecasting - but I digress)

Too bad the Zwift Mobile app is only bluetooth-friendly - as the desktop software offers Ant+ connectivity, and many transmitting dongles on bikes or HR monitors are certainly Ant+ these days - including the popular bike-friendly Garmin products.

As for the Chromecast software beaming via the desktop situated in another room to my flat screen tv in the den … I hadn’t considered that “workaround” … many thanks!