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Hi will_botti

I’m guessing at the moment ant+ is disabled?. Like above I was able to connect with otg n ant+ dongle.

Recent updates not able to was looking at using me phone to live stream as laptop not powerful enough.

But as I can’t connect my heart rate monitor I’m not sure I’m going to go head with live streaming.

Using a Huawei p30 pro. Garmin ant+ with tacx Flow n 4iii power meter.

I must be missing something here.

Sony Xperia xz2 but works fine with Bluetooth and my Kickr Snap. But cannot for the life of me get it to see my Garmin HRM or cadence sensor.

Installed I have
Ant+ plugin service
Ant+ radio service
Ant+ usb service.

But still not picking it up.

I’ve pressed the ant+ button and it’s doing it’s scan/search thing, but still not seeing it

Exactly the same for me. Also get a message saying the ant+ USB service is old and designed for an older version of android, and to look for an update, but no update available in the play store.

Using a Huawei P Smart, android 10.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Hi Steve,

  1. You may need to enable app permissions for those 3 auxiliary apps.
    I don’t have screenshots handy to explain more, but you can google around (sorry)

  2. You may need dongle for the Sony Xperia XZ2

This is the mobile device with built-in support from ANT

I also checked the specs from gsmarena, and I don’t see ANT+

What’s weird is that I recall (a few years back) that the Sony Xperia line had ANT support built-in, but maybe they dropped it for newer devices.

Thanks for the report,

Hello Jamie,

Welcome to the forums!
We have not made any changes to ANT+ in months. That is hopefully changing soon as there is more work to do.

Are you saying it worked previously, and has changed in our last release?

I recommend reaching out to, as they have additional clarifying questions they can ask.

I think our CS team is working on an ANT+ ANDROID FAQ or something to streamline this process. Hopefully we’ll have that ready soon.

Also good would be a FAQ link within the game, but we’d need to have a secure and immutable link, etc.

Thank you for the report.

Hi Hew,
I recall some users saying they downloaded those ANT apps from github, vs via the normal Play Store.

I have not tested the Huawei P Smart personally, so I can’t confirm that particular device.
If you are still stuck, I suggest you contact They may have other reports for that device. Also please include screenshots.

Sorry for the troubles,

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Hi. Apologies. Completely new here and to Zwift.
I have a Samsung S9 running android 10 and zwift beta setup yesterday on a Tacx Vortex over Bluetooth which appears to work well.

Tried it over Ant+ and trainer not recognised so:

  1. I presume this is the non support for Ant+ FEC at present?

  2. Will the app run both Bluetooth and Ant+ simultaneously? (I only ask as my garmin HRM is not Bluetooth)

  3. (not ant+ related). After stopping pedalling briefly for 30 secs so the avatar stopped, then I couldn’t get anything to move again (avatar stationary, no cadence, power readings etc). Although everything still showing connected. Have now updated Vortex firmware and will try again tomorrow.

Thanks in advance. Apologies if a bit simplistic! Just starting out!! :rofl:

Hi, I’m new to Zwift and am currently trying to connect my TACX Flow (classic) Trainer with garmin speed and cadence sensors to my Companion App (on Android) and then to Apple TV Zwift App. Neiher ZCA or Zwift App on Apple TV are picking up my sensors. Both Mobile and Apple TV are on the same wifi network. Also, in ZCA, there is no Device Connections’ listed in my Settings deop down. Can you eiher help/advise or point me in the right direction? Currently the crowd are waiting for me to set off in London and I can’t…

Hi @Rory_Underwood,

Welcome to the Zwift Community Forums!

By you posting this on the ANT+ Update thread, I assume you are using ANT+ Sensors. At this time ANT+ on Android is only for the actual Zwift App and doesn’t work with Companion. You will need to pair to companion via Bluetooth 4.0 or directly to the Apple TV via Bluetooth, if you want to use the Apple TV. If your Android is strong enough to run Zwift, you should be able to use ANT+ on the Android, but then you won’t be able to use Zwift Companion on it at the same time.

I hope this information helps!

Ride On!

Hi Seth,
Thanks for coming back so quick. Yes, I’m using Garmin sensors so using Ant+. Following sending my first post, I managed to pair my sensors to the Zwift App on my Android mobile. But would obviously prefer to see the app on a TV rather than my Samsung S8 screen. So how do I connect my Garmin sensors to Apple TV? When I click on the ‘tile’ to pair the speed sensor it keeps searching but nothing cones up.


Apple TV is Bluetooth only. So your options is to get duel band sensors that are Bluetooth or use a bridge to convert the ANT+ signal to bluetooth. (Like this one)

Gerrie, Thanks for confirming my thought. Have seen the Cable device but it’s £37 + £22p&p for a temporary solution. While I’m waiting for stocks to come back in the stores and then purchase a smart turbo, my workaround has been to ‘mirror’ my smartphone to the Apple TV (just been recommended to buy a micro USB to HDMI cable to avoid lag) . Thanks anyway.
Going to break my Zwift virginity tomorrow!! :+1:

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Good luck @Rory_Underwood

You will love it i know.

RIDE ON :ride_on:

My setup is a Galaxy Tab S4 (no ANT+) for Zwift and an S10e (has ANT+) for Zwift Companion.

I’m looking at a power meter crank to add to my spin bike and the most attractive option at the moment is ANT+ only.

Can Zwift Companion relay the ANT+ power data to Zwift, or will I need to either get a BTLE or dual band powermeter or an ANT+ dongle?

Michael_Burden: Both my tab S2 and S6 have ANT+ , i wouldn’t expect it to go missing from a middle model. The S4 has ANT+ in its specifications from Samsung. Is the ANT button not there when you select equipment?

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Oh, wow! You’re right! I had found a list of devices that support ANT+ and the Tab S3 was on it and the Tab S4 wasn’t, but when I go directly to the Samsung page for the Tab S4 and click on “Full Specs” I do see ANT+

Thanks! Looks like I can go get that power meter! :slight_smile:

EDIT: OK, I’m apparently really dumb. I just noticed in the apps list on my Tab S4 that “ANT+ HAL service” and “ANT+ Plugins Service” are pre-installed.

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Glad I could help. Enjoy the power meter!

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Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy or hallucinating I went back and looked at the list that @will_botti posted on May 4th. It shows the Tab S2 and Tab S3, but nothing after that.

Guess I should have went right to the source the first time! :slight_smile:

With the release of game version 1.0.50775, we’d like to point your attention to the latest thread about the Zwift game app for Android: