ANT dongle

I have an ANT1 dongle (Garmin) which I understand Zwift does not support.  However, Zwift does find it and start to try and find devices.  My Quarq Cinqo Saturn is however not found.  Is this because it’s an ANT1 dongle?

Hi Marc - unfortunately, yes. You’ll need to pick up a USB2 dongle. 

We recommend the Garmin USB-m as it has proven to have the best signal reception in the lab, but any USB2 dongle will work. Make sure you pair it with a USB extension cable to get it closer to your trainer and prevent dropouts. 

If you’re in North America, try Competitive Cyclist:

If you’re outside North America, try Wiggle:

Ride On!



I guess my confusion was that my understanding was that Zwift would not even find an ANT1 dongle, whereas in my case it finds it fine and tries to then find devices.  This made me think in fact the dongle is fine but it’s my Quarq powermeter that is the problem.  Before purchasing a new dongle I want to have some confidence that this will work.  My Quarq is quite old, it’s the original Cinqo Saturn.