ANT+ dongle cuts out until Zwift is restarted

Since 18.01.2016 every ride ends when Zwift loses ANT+ USB dongle (Tacx). Nothing can be reconnected until Zwift is restarted. I am using Zwift for about half a year and it never happened before.

I tried to reinstall Zwift and ANT+ drivers, but it didnt help.

I am on Windows 7.
Garmin GSC10Garmin HRM
Tacx Vortex
PowerTap GS

Having the same issue with iMac and ant+ dongle. I’ll start riding then the avatar will stop and display 0 watts time after time. once I stop, close Zwift down and restart it seems to work alot better but not perfect. Only started recently.

It looks like I have resolved this problem by reinstalling all USB drivers.

It has to be done remotely (using TeamViewer) otherwise your mouse and keyboard will stop working.

At first I suspected Zwift update, but reinstall did not help. Then I swapped for another ANT+ dongle. Eventually after completely uninstalling all USB drivers in “Management console” and fresh installation of manufacturers USB drivers it works again.