Android + Wattbike Pro intervals = several extra minutes of 600+Watts

Hi there, discovered a bug today so just letting you know. I’m not sure if it’s Android specific, but it might very well be. 

Background: I was doing an interval workout on a Wattbike Pro with Zwift running on Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+). The workout was 4x4’ with 2’ rest (3 rest intervals in total), and it was set up using the Wattbike. (I would have actually done it using Zwift and had even gone and created it with the workout builder, but I wasn’t able to access the custom workouts from the android app).

The issue: For two of these rest intervals, as well as after the last interval, zwift got stuck on the last power value reported by the Wattbike, so in-game my character carried on at full speed at 489 and 612 watts while in reality I was recovering on the bike at ~50-100W. 

My Wahoo Bolt was recording simultaneously and recorded the workout correctly.