Android resistance locked on Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll


I am using an Xiaomi Mi 9 with Kurt Kinetic rock and roll smart control. In the last weeks I had 2 times that the resistance locked. The first time was after a climb in Tour de Zwift. Today I had it again with a 3x15 min FTP workout. After the last heaby block, it doesn’t release the resistance. Also restarting the app doesn’t solve the issue. I had to power off the trainer, reconnect again, and then everything works fine. I connect with bluetooth to my smart trainer. Does someone knows a reason or solution for it?

Welcome to Zwift forums. I merged your question with a discussion already under way.

At this time ANT+FE-C (i.e. controllable trainer functions) are not supported in the Android app. ANT+ functions are still in beta, and we are actively working on it.

my xiaomi doesn’t support ant+. I always connect with bluetooth. Today I had the same issue. After 13kms of riding the heavy climb started. When I was on the top of the climb and it doesn;t release the resistance anymore. So it feels like I was climbing. I’ve turned of the trainer and reconnect it in the app. That doesn’t work. I can’t reconnect anymore. I have to turn off the app completely and then everything works fine again. What could the issue be?

Hi, I have exactly the same issue with my Kinetic Rock n Roll smart control, although I use a MacBook for Zwift. Many times once I complete a hill for example the resistance will not change and it will stay at a high gradient resistance even though I am going back down the hill. The only way to resolve it is to turn off and on the whole trainer. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Is your trainer also geting very heat? How far is your trainer from your macbook? Zwift told me that it could be an bluetooth or hardware issue. Because my trainer was working properly, I’ve decided to step over to an direct drive trainer from elite. I had too much compatibilty issues with Kinetic.