Android resistance locked on Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll


I am using an Xiaomi Mi 9 with Kurt Kinetic rock and roll smart control. In the last weeks I had 2 times that the resistance locked. The first time was after a climb in Tour de Zwift. Today I had it again with a 3x15 min FTP workout. After the last heaby block, it doesn’t release the resistance. Also restarting the app doesn’t solve the issue. I had to power off the trainer, reconnect again, and then everything works fine. I connect with bluetooth to my smart trainer. Does someone knows a reason or solution for it?

Welcome to Zwift forums. I merged your question with a discussion already under way.

At this time ANT+FE-C (i.e. controllable trainer functions) are not supported in the Android app. ANT+ functions are still in beta, and we are actively working on it.

my xiaomi doesn’t support ant+. I always connect with bluetooth. Today I had the same issue. After 13kms of riding the heavy climb started. When I was on the top of the climb and it doesn;t release the resistance anymore. So it feels like I was climbing. I’ve turned of the trainer and reconnect it in the app. That doesn’t work. I can’t reconnect anymore. I have to turn off the app completely and then everything works fine again. What could the issue be?