Android Gear Indicator

Hello all

Probably already done to death but can’t find any recent comments. I’m looking to replace my iPad with a Samsung Galaxy S7 plus. One small thing stopping me is lack of gear indicator on zwift Android. Has this been sorted yet?

My trainer is an Atom V2.


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I was just searching the forums for the same issue. I am new to Zwift, with an Atom v2, the gear shift indicator does not display on either of my Samsung Android devices, a Galaxy Tab S7 and a Galaxy S10 phone. The former connecting via Bluetooth, the latter via ANT+.

I’ve tried the beta and general release firmware on my Atom, same issue with both. I was considering trying my windows laptop, just to test 100% that it’s an Android issue, not some problem with my Atom.

Peter, another thing to bear in mind for your potential Galaxy Tab purchase, ANT+ doesn’t work in the current S7 firmware. Googling around, it may never be added, on some other recent Samsung Tabs it’s randomly added in an update quite a while after launch, some not (…yet?). I was able to use my (ANT+ only) Garmin HRM Tri with my Galaxy S10 phone no bother, but had to use a USB-C adapter and ANT+ dongle for it to work with my Tab S7. In the end I switched to the Bluetooth Tickr FIT HRM armband, which is more comfortable for riding and works great with both phone and tab, no adapter faff.

The Galaxy Tab S7 is excellent by the way, so don’t let the lack of ANT+ or gear shift put you off. With a bit of luck and time hopefully both will be fixed in updates.

It’d be great to hear official comment from Zwift on the gear shift display issue and when/if we’ll likely see a fix. I imagine there’s a lot of Android users quietly suffering with it. I’m happy to test/try things if it’ll help identify the problem.

Update: I tried Zwift on my Windows 10 laptop with my Atom, and saw the gear change indicator, so it’s definitely an Android issue.

It was really nice seeing the gear indicator work, it’s very neat, unfortunately it’s not practical to balance my laptop on my Atom’s aero bars for every ride!

I tested both my Android devices again, the phone with ANT+ and tab with Bluetooth. The gear change indicator never showed on either of them.

There was no cog/settings button on the device pairing screen in Android to switch between Built-in Bluetooth and Bluetooth Bridge. So I put my phone on airplane mode while testing my tablet, and it has no ANT+, so I know it was definitely using built-in Bluetooth.

I’m not sure what else to try at this point? Is this a problem for all Atom users on Android, or does this working for some people?

tldr answer = no, they didn’t fix it yet

I’d suggest voting on the “Wattbike Atom gear shifts not displayed on Android App” in Bugs and Support if you can.

When will this be fixed as it takes away much of the usability. It’s annoying that it works in IOS but not for the millions of Android users