Android app incorrectly rendering at Low settings and resolution on high end tablet

The Android app runs at very low settings on a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, which is capable of much higher quality, however there’s no graphics or resolution option available. The app seems to incorrectly detect that the hardware isn’t capable of more.
With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and 8GB or RAM in this tablet, I suspect the app just needs to be updated to properly detect this SoC.

Additionally has there ever been any word on enabling the user to at least choose resolution in the android version? Android also doesn’t have the new menu UI that PC / iPadOS have had for a while now.

All Android phones and tablets get Basic profile (lowest). Game resolution can only be selected on PC/Mac.

Hi Dave, thanks for the quick response! I was worried this might be the case. Why on earth is that the status quo I wonder. It seems absurd. Has this ever been addressed as something that might change in the future? It’s pretty baffling. It’s not like Android is some unpopular tiny minority OS.

There are far too many SoCs on the market to verify performance and account for them all, I guess. That said, there are relatively few on the Apple side and they all get Basic too, aside from M1-based devices which get High (though it’s broken and looks like Basic anyway). Essentially anything with integrated graphics gets Basic, with very few exceptions.

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Yikes, haha. Perhaps just letting us select resolution at the least would be nice then :rofl:

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