Amd Ryzen 7 pro vs Intel 8th i7 - T480s vs T495s

any suggestions what would be better for Zwft:

  1. laptop T495s
    AMD Ryzen™ 7 Pro 3700U (2.30GHz, up to 4.00GHz Max Boost, 4 Cores, 4MB Cache)
    16GB DDR4 2400MHz (Soldered)
    Integrated Radeon™ Vega Graphics
    SSD HD

2. laptop T480s
8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (1.80GHz, up to 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost, 8MB Cache)
24 GB (8 GB Soldered + 16 GB DIMM) DDR4 2400MHz
Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620

Either system should work well on Zwift. When I first started on Zwifting I used my everyday laptop on a 55” HD TV via HDMI. It’s an intel i7
Got tired of unplugging the laptop. Installed Win10 on a gaming PC I built in 2012, I forget the exact specs but it was a killer rig with an AMD Black 8 core chip and high end graphics card. To me no discernible difference in the performance of Zwift on either platform.

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If you are looking at Lenovo, get the T480 i7-8550U with Nvidia MX-150 graphics. It’s the only one in that category with a dedicated GPU and will do the medium profile - more detail and better lighting effects. Second choice - the T495s because the Vega integrated GPU will outperform the intel UHD 620 by about 20% in FPS but both will be limited to the basic profile. I have the T480 for work, not the skinny s one, the regular 6 hour battery with all the ports on the side one. Lenovos are great.

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I have a t480 with an mx150 graphics card. I run Zwift on high and have pretty good luck although it can stutter when going through dust. Running on medium might help that but the suttering is momentary and doesn’t bother me. I also weighed the AMD options at the time, which was the 485, but there was a lot of talk about the amd mobile chips not running at their full potential so I went with the t480.

I personally use the laptop for work, which is why I wanted a Thinkpad, but I wanted something that could run Zwift too. There is a Thinkpad with a gaming card in it that you could look at too but I think those are around $600 more.

I just figured that if I really needed a better graphics card,I would use the thunderbolt connection and get an eGPU. Been using it for a year and it’s been great. Never a crash and the graphics are good. Not full blown gaming card good but better than appletv.