How do the new Ryzen laptops perform in Zwift?

I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop with a new Ryzen 4000 laptop. Does anyone know how these perform at 1080p? My current i5-5300u can just about manage 720p30. According to Zwiftalizer, this is on ‘Basic’ graphics.

I cannot see any records for the 3000 or 4000 series Ryzen processors on the Zwiftalizer benchmark site yet. The most recent is the 2500u/2700u(Vega) at about 1080p30 on Basic. Does anyone have a more recent laptop that they can upload logs for?


Zwiftalizer no longer records new benchmarks, it stopped doing so a year ago for a few very sensible reasons.

As it’s still integrated graphics you’d almost certainly still get Basic profile, so no more detail or things to see than you have now. That said, some 2500U benchmarks exist with Medium profile (suggesting Zwift later changed it) which is a good step up. It’s still only 25-30fps though. I would expect the frame rate on the new CPUs to be a little higher than the 2000 series, but not by much.

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The latest Ryzen Laptops have discreet video cards, ie; Asus Zephyrus G14. I would like to know if anyone is running Zwift on one of these in particular.

A model with an RTX 2060 will get Ultra profile and should be good for 60fps at 1440p and probably 2160p. The mobile RTX will be weaker than its desktop equivalent though, and it will suffer from the same CPU bottleneck as everyone else gets in big group rides and busy areas.

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