Alpe du Zwift Segment Timer

Please update the Segment Timer on Alpe du Zwift. It’s better than the first version but I still believe it should display - / + seconds your down or up on your time. I personally don’t care what my best time on a segment was but i am more interested in comparison against my fastest ride up the climb. So what i would like to see is the gap (cumulated) against my best effort up the Alpe.

Example (fastest ride):

Curve 21 at 2:50 at Curve 20 at 5:01 Curve 19 at 10:12…and so on. So the next time i ride the alpe and i reach curve 21 at 2:57 i would love to see it indicated +7 seconds and if i am at curve 20 at 5:06 it should show +6. Just like in a time trial. This helps me to push myself to the limits because you always know how close you’re to your personal best.




  • 1 for me it would be good to know how far behind but not how far in front 

I would like to see the clock as well…also can the halfway point be marked?