Alpe Du Zwift gradient mini-map invisible after 1.25.0 update [May 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi all,

Another another update another bug on Alpe du Zwift.

The gradient mini-map at the top right hand corner is now invisible! This means one cannot see the rises on each sector. See screen dump below.

To save me riding up the Alpe, is anyone else seeing this?


W10, latest versions of the client / launcher / windows updates / geforce drivers.

Approached the AdZ on a workout, once I hit the segment start the minimap shifted to the usual Alpe one; but I did have the same issue with the gradient map going transparent and not showing any land as it usually does (looked the same as the OP’s screenshot).

U-turned, ended the workout and went past the segment start again, same behaviour. I got some screenshots of the bug, but they’re much the same as the OP.


Yes… same here on Win10/GTX1050ti.

Thanks all

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Ngl James, I laughed out loud at this.

Do it anyway. You know - for science.


Confirmed on Apple TV. Also, another bug since the update - when climbing the Alpe, on the mini-map when the power-up timers pop up they are now pinned to your current location on the map instead of showing the location you need to reach to earn the power-up.

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Same on Bologna. :roll_eyes:

Hey folks

Zwift game version 1.25.2 fixes this issue. Please update at your earliest convenience.

Thanks Shuji,

I can confirm that this issue is now solved…rippa’ mate!


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