Alpe du Zwift Mini Map Bug [1.12.1 (v1.0.67629)]

The mini-map at the top of Alpe du Zwift is not displaying correctly, more specifically, a chunk of the road is cut out and invisible. Other riders and you still show up on the mini-map where the road should be, but the road itself is not visible.
I’m running Zwift game v. 1.0.67629 and launcher v. 1.0.25. This issue seems to only affect the top of the Alpe du Zwift, after the stages view closes and the regular mini-map returns (while using the ADZ stages view, the top shows fine). Issue can be replicated on macOS 10.15.7 and Windows 10 version 1909 build 18363

. See attached screenshot.

Hello @Sejin_Kim_Kenyon welcome to Zwift forums

Thank you for the detailed report. I’ll relay this to our team and see if we can reproduce it.

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so is it considered a punishment or a reward to Zwift employees who will have to climb the alpe in order to reproduce this? :laughing:

hopefully it didn’t happen to ven-top too!

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Interns :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Our devs say that this looks correct for the top of Alpe de Zwift. Just for fun, I found a screenshot from the Alpe stage I rode during Tour de Zwift, and my minimap looks just like yours.

The Alpe segment is unique and different things show up on your heads-up display compared to other routes.

  1. your PR’s on the left side show your best times for each Alpe segment.
  2. the mini map also shows what segment you’re on.
  3. Once you’re on the Alpe - no other nearby roads are shown until you cross the finish banner.

Thanks, but what about after the finish banner is crossed? That section of the road ring at the top of the Alpe is still missing, which doesn;'t seem normal.

I noticed this yesterday, but thought maybe my memory was bad since it had been a long time between AdZ climbs.

I was at the top of the Alpe about an hour ago for the first time in six months and I could swear that I saw the complete road ring in the mini maps on my iPad (Game), but I sadly don’t have any photographic proof… and I suppose my mind isn’t at its best after that climb!

The switch back to the normal HUD elements happens some distance beyond the finish banner. How far did you keep going during your ride @Sejin_Kim_Kenyon ?

This is a random sceenshot from that same Tour de Zwift event.

My avatar seems to be further along the loopback road than your avatar?

About 5 days ago:

If you want pictures of the Alpe see : Twitch

Dan goes up the Alpe at least once a day.

I think the missing road is from where the camera angle starts the overhead flyby, and the road returns when the overhead flyby is done.

This seems to match. I think the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. Rider approaches the Alpe arch - the rider sees the Alpe HUD version (not the regular one), which appears properly
  2. Rider passes the Alpe arch - the rider still sees the Alpe HUD for a few more meters, appearing properly
  3. Rider continues on the top-of-the-Alpe loop, and the Alpe HUD is replaced with the standard HUD, this appears with a portion cut off
  4. Rider POV enters the flyby mode with the standard HUD, with a portion cut off
  5. Rider POV returns to 3rd person with the standard HUD, with a portion cut off
  6. Rider passes back under the arch for the descent, using the standard HUD
  7. After a few meters, the Alpe HUD replaces the standard HUD, counting down, appearing correctly

Thanks for your response.
I started at the Volcano bypass, through the jungle and up to the Alpe, then went all the way up the Alpe, did the loop at the top (with the flyby), then did the descent. This issue has appeared for me for a few weeks.