All cycling work out showing same completion date

All of my cycling workout are showing the same date of completion 2/11/2020.

Of course I did not do any of these on that date.

Also strange is its showing Ive completed all 5 workouts though I’ve only done 3.

Workout 3 is showing 7/31 stars completed even though Ive not done that workout. I never started it.

Its also show all stars on workout 4 which Ive never started.

Interestingly though if I log in via the companion app to check what completed it shows 6/10 which is correct; however in the are with the icons that show which workouts you have completed it only shows that Ive done 4.

Bike 1 and 2. I did workout 5 but that isn’t highlighted.

Run 1 and 5. I also did 4 and that is not highlighted.

Is there any way to get these things corrected? Dose it even matter?


Edit:. Now I’ve noticed that my phone app and desktop don’t even match. Desktop say I’ve done 8/10 workouts; incorrect. Phone says 7/10, correct.

The companion app has another thing altogether. It’s still showing only 2 icons highlighted for each run and ride. So it thinks I’ve only done 4 workouts.

In addition to that when I login desktop it shows that NEW star icon for helmets in my garage but no new headgear is available. It’s been like that for days.

Get your ■■■■ together swift this is a mess.

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